Hi, I'm Nirali

I'm the owner + founder of Golden Hour Candle Co. My candle journey started similar to many other newer small businesses...in the middle of a pandemic. 

I was working full-time at home, in my small studio apartment in Seattle. I got a Nudge text with some ideas of 'things to do with your kids at while stuck at home'. One of them was candle making. While I don't have any kids, I thought i'd give it a shot to prevent me from going stir crazy.

After making a couple candles, I quickly realized I could be pretty good at designing labels, and the rest is history!

I'm a one woman small business, but I definitely get help! I mostly run the business out of Seattle where I often put my friends on an assembly line using pizza as bait. I also have a small setup in NJ where my parents are always making supply runs for the business.

Thanks so much for being here, your support means a whole lot.