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Golden Hour Candle Co

Bombay Nights

Bombay Nights

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A nostalgic blend of jasmine and orange, this scent takes me back to childhood evenings in Bombay during monsoon season. I distinctly remember our family house in Lonavala—rain pattering on the copper roofs, the aroma of the saturated earth, and steaming hot chai and pakoras being served in the kitchen.

Scent Family: Floral

Natural, clean burning, coconut soy wax candle
Size: 8oz
Burn time: 40+ hours

These candles are made from a blend of coconut and soy wax, with a natural cotton wick. Our fragrances are uniquely blended to not only trigger nostalgia, but also to create scented memories for years to come.
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"These candles are seriously amazing!!! I found them when I was visiting Seattle and like them so much I buy them and ship them across the country. Highly recommend them."